League City UMC Missions

At League City UMC, we reach out in Christ’s love because we understand that Christ calls us to put action to our words of concern for others. Through our Missions program we share with others our varied talents and gifts that God gave us, and by doing so we help share His love.

Every year we support an array of different outreaches that are designed to help the world beyond the walls of the church and as close as our neighborhood and as far as you can imagine. They span the spectrum of outreach, providing for the needs of  many people in many ways both physical and spiritual.  Our projects throughout the year touch hundreds of people in real, heartfelt ways in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ. 

Participation in our Missions program allows you, in a very concrete way, to help and care for others. When you become active in the Missions program, you will have many opportunities to spread Jesus’ message of life changing love and provision in ways that will not only help others, but will transform you.

Food Truck Distribution

Feeding the Hungry

On the first and third Friday of each month, you will find our parking lot so full of people, there is hardly room to park. In cooperation with the Galveston County Food Bank, we have become a distribution location and this allows us to help provide food to those that are in need in our area. Click the link below to view the schedule and if you have one of those Fridays off, please join us! Come and see the love and grace of God shared with those in need.  Be a part of this amazing ministry!

March Mission Opportunities

Interfaith Caring Ministries

Interfaith Caring Ministries strives "To Honor Our Faiths and Strengthen Our Community One Family at a Time by Helping Local Families, Individuals, and Seniors in Need."  With that goal in mind and through their resale shop, they are able to provide free clothing assistance to low income families, and great deals to the patrons that shop at the store. Proceeds from the resale shop help support other services including their food pantry, the rent and utility assistance program, and the Webster computer lab.

League City UMC will be volunteering at Interfaith Caring Ministries located at 803 E. Nasa Parkway, Challenger park. We will help sort, tag and place donated items in the resale shop on Thursday, March 12th from 10 am to 1 pm. Come and help make a difference in someone's life.

For more information contact the missions team at

Bread Day - Make a loaf to give, keep a loaf

If you like to bake, or would like to learn to bake a simple bread recipe, join us Saturday, March 14th, 9am to 3pm, in the kitchen at LCUMC. We will be baking bread to deliver to those that are home bound. For each loaf of bread we bake to give to someone, we will get to keep a loaf.  In addition to bread, we will be baking cinnamon rolls for purchase to help with our 2020 missions team goals. 

Remember! It does not matter at what skill level you are, as there will be a variety of things to do. We will share laughs, hugs and learn together as we bake bread!

To order a 6 pack of cinnamon rolls, there will be a sign up sheet in the front office until March 1st! -or- You can email the missions team at

If you would like to purchase a 6 pack of cinnamon rolls, there is a limit to the amount of 6 packs we can bake so be sure to sign-up today!

Servants in Faith and Technology (SIFAT)

Work Team Mission Trips

If you feel called to reach out beyond our walls to a hurting world and be the hands and feet of Christ, this is an opportunity you will not want to miss. SIFAT is an amazing non profit organization with the goal of helping others beyond our comfort zones. 

"SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology), a nonprofit Christian organization, provides training in community development in hard places in our world. Christian leaders learn self-help skills for basic human needs including physical and spiritual needs, social and economic.

SIFAT raises awareness of needs and global issues, providing opportunities for people to get involved personally, both to learn from and to serve alongside those with scarce resources. Since its founding in 1979, SIFAT has trained church and community leaders from more than 80 countries. We have helped thousands of North Americans leave their comfort zone, cross into other cultures and social strata and become one in Christ." 

Alabama - April 18th to 25th 

This April the SIFAT team has scheduled a trip to Lineville, Alabama. You can pick up an information packet in the church office. The next meeting date is Sunday, March 15th at 12:15 pm at Clear Lake UMC (16335 El Camino Real). The trip fees are $300 and is due March 15th. The work to be done is construction activities, work in store, office work,  painting, and kitchen activities. Please RSVP to

Click the link below to download and print the necessary forms and additional information. Fill them out and bring them with you to the meeting.


Quito, Ecuador — June 13th to 21st
This June the SIFAT work team has a trip schedued to Quito, Ecuador. There will be a meeting at  Clear Lake UMC at 12:30pm on Sunday, March 8th in rooms 424/426.  If you have your passport and desire to help on a global scale this a meeting you don't want to miss!   Please RSVP to

For additional information, contact Vera Reyna at

SIFAT Alabama Trip Forms & Information

Sifat Alabama (pdf)


Blood Drive

Be a Hero & Save 3 Lives - One Pint at a Time

Partnering with Gulf Coast Blood Bank, we offer the community the opportunity to save lives. About four times a year, the Gulf Coast Blood Center's bus will be at League City UMC on Sunday morning. You can sign up TODAY!  It is an amazing gift to give someone - the gift of LIFE! 

Our  2020 scheduled Donor Days are February 9th, April 19th, August 16th and November 15th. Please go to and reserve your time. Setting up your account allows you to track how many lives you have saved and earn reward points towards gift cards.  Be a Hero!

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Prayer Shawl Ministry

Comforting Others - One Shawl at a Time

At League City UMC, we strive to be the hands and feet of Christ by reaching out to others in their time of need. One of the ways we give comfort to others is through our Prayer Shawl Ministry. Volunteers crochet or knit prayer shawls to be given to others in their times of sorrow and moments when they need to know someone is there and cares. Being the hands that crochet the shawls and the feet that deliver them to those that are hurting seems to be a small act but it is that small act that makes a huge impact on someone's heart. In is six years over 250 shawls have been distributed. This group also makes scarves and hats for Operation Gratitude serving our military and Wounded Warriors.  The group meets the second Monday of the month, except during the summer, from 10:30 am to noon. To be a part of this amazing ministry contact the missions team at Be sure to subscribe to our email list to keep current on the church's news, events and additional opportunities to serve others! The link is below.

Teddy Bear Ministry

Comforting Others - One Shawl at a Time

The Teddy Bear ministry at LCUMC started in November of 2018. .The new or gently donated bears go through an inspection, are repaired if needed, and sanitized prior to coming to the church. After their sanitation is complete  the bears are tagged with an uplifting prayer.  They are present during our worship service while we sing our songs of praise, hear our heartfelt prayers and our weekly sermon. They are then ready to be picked up and taken to anyone who may need comfort and encouragement and serve as a reminder of God's love. You may have a neighbor, friend, or coworker going through a crisis or a rough time.  They may be ill, experiencing grief or loss, or other life issues.  You can be the hands and feet of Jesus as you minister to them with a Prayer Bear.  The bears are of various sizes, sometimes similar looking, have no bells or whistles, but can be a loving witness to others.  We pray these bears will touch the lives of others in a way that leads them closer to Jesus. Anyone in the congregation may pick up a bear to take to someone in need, at no charge. That person may be in the hospital, home bound, sick, or just in need of someone to show that someone cares and that the church is praying for them.

Words from our first Prayer Bear recipient who is battling cancer.  "I feel the prayers every day.  They lift my spirits up and give me strength.  I just love holding my Prayer Bear.  It is very comforting."  She can look at the tag on the bear that 'bears' the LCUMC information and know that we are a loving and caring congregation.

How can you participate?  Check your home, ask your family and friends, and bring your donations to the church gathering area.  There is a collections box in the gathering area.

Questions?  Contact

Change the World Day

Serving Outside the Walls

Change the World Day is an annual event at League City UMC. This year we will come together on May 2nd, and Change the World by going outside the walls and serving others.  We will have more details as the day approaches, so come back to learn how you can Change the World. Questions? Contact the missions team at   or  with the link below, you can sign up for our email list to keep updated on church events, news and other opportunities in our community. 

UMCOR Sager Brown Depot

Helping Disaster Victims Start Recovery

United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), a non-profit charity organization, established the Sager Brown Depot, located in Baldwin, La., as the headquarters for relief supply operations of the United Methodist Church.  During our one week mission trip, we will assist in assembling hygiene kits, cleaning buckets or sewing school bags to make School Kits.  The cleaning kits help people affected by floods, hurricanes and tornadoes start the overwhelming job of cleaning up, and the hygiene kits are basic necessities for those who may have lost everything. In some areas, the children do not have access to educational materials, so the school kits  fill that void. 

Volunteers are offered additional opportunities to serve, including working in the community with the seniors, the local orphanage, and a resale shop. There are opportunities to help maintain the Depot's grounds. 

We also offer a one day opportunity to serve at the Texas Annual Conference Mission facility in Conroe where we focus on cleaning buckets and hygiene kits only.

League City UMC typically goes to UMCOR Sager Brown during October. If you are interested in this mission trip, contact the mission team at You can also sign up below for our email list to receive updates on church events, news and other opportunities to serve in our community. 

For more information UMCOR you can visit the UMCOR website here: 


Building Leaders through Service

Each summer, youth and adults dedicate a week to helping others in need. In the Texas heat, our youth, young adults and adults work in clients yards and homes building wheel chair ramps, making necessary home repairs, painting, and sharing the love and compassion of Christ with those in need.  As a team, they work hard, worship fervently  and share love freely. This is a week that not only changes the clients' lives, but it changes the lives of the youth who serve them. Our youth learn how to be the hands and feet of Christ by serving others outside our walls, and they learn how to be strong leaders. Many of the youth that serve in U.M. ARMY on a team as a teen come back and lead a team as a young adult. It is a life affirming and life changing week. For more information on how you can be a part of this amazing week, reach out to Andrea Pritchard, Youth Director, at  OR sign up below for our email list to receive updates on church events, news and other opportunities to in our community.   

For more information on U.M. ARMY and their mission visit their website: 


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