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 Caring for others is woven into our understanding that we are All In Ministry as followers of Christ here at League City United Methodist Church. Our love and desire to reach out to others is motivated by the love of God for us as displayed so clearly through Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that God’s love will be revealed to you through our actions and that you will embrace the hope that God offers each of us! God bless you!

Especially with the Neighbor to Neighbor ministry, your financial support is very much needed.  Through your giving to BENEVOLENCES (special category in online giving or just indicating such on your check or cash envelope), we can serve more of our neighbors needing just a little help.

LCUMC strives to be a blessing to our community, whether that community is local, national, or global.  Our ministry spectrum varies depending upon the community needs and the inspirition of the individual members and leaders of our congregation.  We support the missions of others and we initiate our own ministry as needs require.

We hope to find a place for you here, whether you have come to this page to help others, or you have come here because you need help yourself.

Please contact the church office at 281-332-1557 or email  if you need help or wish to help.