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Date Description Link
March 27, 2016 Special Music on Easter Morning  Easter Special Music
March 27, 2016 Offertory by Robin Dunn on Easer morning  Easter Offertory
March 27, 2016 Call to Worshipo, Easter morning  Easter Call to Worship
March 27, 2016 Prelude on Easter morning, by the Jubellate Ringers  Prelude by JuBellate Ringers
March 13, 2016 Anthem "Fall Slow Tears" Anthem
March 6, 2016    "Life School Musical"  (Children/Youth) Musical
March 6, 2016  Duet by Shawn Bergen & Kyle Norman Duet
March 6, 2016  Youth Bells & Sanctuary Choir Bells & Choirells & Choir
(undated) Laura Santos solo Santos
Feb. 28, 2016 Bell Choir music Bells
Feb. 28, 2016 Anthem "My Soul's Delight" Anthem
Feb. 21, 2016  Solo by Kyle Norman:  "Behold the Love of God, The Grace of God" Norman
Feb 7, 2016 Anthem by Sanctuary Choir Anthem
Jan 31, 2016  Anthem "Coming Home"
Quartet Version
Jan 24, 2016  Anthem "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty"  Anthem
Jan 24, 2016  JuBellate Ringers "Joy and Elation"  JuBellate
Jan 17, 2016 Anthem "A Pure Heart" Anthem
Jan 10, 2016 Anthem by Sanctuary Choir Anthem