LCUMC Mobile Food Distribution Ministry

LCUMC in cooporation with the Galveston County Food Bank / Gleanings From The Harvest operates a mobile food distribution site at LCUMC.  This caring ministry helps provide food for our neighbors in need.  The truck visits twice a month throughout the year.  We rejoice in the partnerships with which we have been blessed with our corporate sponsors in the area.  Look for their recognition on the banner proudly displayed at the site, and then say a word of thanks to them when you next encounter them in the community.

Food distribution is accomplished in the church parking lot, which opens at 12:30 with registration, by zip code. Please bring an ID to establish your location in the area.

Distribution dates for 2019 are:

 Jan 18                       May 3 & 17                 Sept. 6 & 20

Feb 1 & 15                June 7 & 21                 Oct 4 & 18

March 1 & 15           July 19                         Nov 1 & 15

April 5                      Aug 2 & 16                  Dec. 6 & 20


Please bring bags or boxes to carry your food.  Many times the contents of the truck come in boxes which may be used by our patrons once the boxes are emptied.  However, we often do not have enough boxes to service all the patrons who need a container to hold the food received.  

We also have porters that help patrons move around the truck to receive the food and then take the food to their cars.  Still, it helps the line to move more smoothly when patrons bring some kind of rolling cart/wagon on which to place the food received.

For more information or to volunteer to help, please contact the church office at 281-332-1557 or by email at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .