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The TIME is quickly coming!

We have heard the announcement:  Our final worship and deconsecration of our current facility will be on August 13!  That means our first worship in the new facility will be on August 20th! 

For both services, Bishop Jones has asked our District Superintendent Rev. Vincent Harris to be his representative at these services.  We look forward to  inspiring services!

April 7th

The time is coming soon when we will be giving tours of the new building: April 15th and April 22nd/23rd!  There is still quite a bit of finishing work to be done, but the building is in a state which can give us a good picture of how it will be.  Beginning this weekend, we will initiate signups for times/dates when the tours will be given.  (Tour group size will be limited to 10-15 for each one so people can ask questions if they have any.)  

Each tour will take about 45 minutes (without time for answering questions).  A floor plan will be available for everybody.  

One of the things we must remember in the registration for tours:  it is a two story building and the elevator is not yet installed.  So be prepared for stairs (for the last portion of the tour)!



March 12th

After the workday at the Turner House, I took the liberty to get closer than the street for a few pictures of the exterior of the new building.  The stone/brick combination is very nice!

 Entry Point Column

Wing to Left

Covered Walkway

Covered dropoff

North face


Summary of the Town Hall Meeting on March 5, 2017


Construction is on schedule to be completed in mid-summer 2017. 

Planning for the transition from our current facility to the new building is well underway.  Marilyn Jarvis is coordinating activities with the Building Committee and other planning groups, while Tom Mooney continues to handle the purchase of Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FFE).

Budgetary considerations are proceeding quite well:

  • The overall budget is in good shape and continues to meet the criteria set out in our TMF loan. 
  • E&S Construction has handled changes due to city permitting well and remains on budget.
  • FFE expects to be more or less within budget, with any shortfall to be from the Contingency budget.
  • Creative Corners is working with their reserved funds and the building fund to secure a safe and contemporary playground situation for our children.
  • The Selections Committee has been working with the Architect to insure we have a complete and cohesive plan for the finishes, while being sensitive to the intent of the drawings and the budgetary limitations.
  • The Audio-Visual contract is complete and is approximately $15K over the projected budget.  The expectation is to have a significant improvement over our current technical setup.
  • The IT/Structured Wiring package is nearing completition and should (as with the AV improvement) result in a considerable improvement over the current situation.  Funds for this come primarily from the Contingency budget, with possibly some coming from the FFE line.

The following groups have been doing lots of work and deserve recognition:

  • Pastor Joel…working tirelessly and attending many meetings
  • Board of Trustees have been heavily involved, especially Bob Johnson
  • Selection Committee:  Kristin Kirkland, Vera Reyna, Cyndy Watkins, Terry Worthy, & Bob Johnson
  • Tom Mooney for FFE effort
  • Multiple worship groups from:  Magnify service, Traditional service:  Pastor Joel, Kym Reeves, Ginger Coffin, Brian Worrell, Matt Urban, Kyle Campbell, Kelly Lee and others!
  • Kyle Hardwick working on the kitchen setup
  • Greg Gripon of Lynn’s Landscaping has provided the design and budgeting for landscaping
  • Marilyn Jarvis coordinating the move!
  • David & Wade Whittle provided extensive design and planning input for the IT systems
  • Amber Mauer guiding the Creative Corners planning and development.

March 3rd


The stage of construction has definitely been reached where external changes are hard to see as one drives by the building.  But there are the little things which are still detectable.  I post the following photos today, just to document that the work continues.  Soon, we hope to be on tour in the inside...and that should be exciting!

And remember....there is a Town Hall meeting for an update on the progress this Sunday!





February 17th


These photographs do not show a lot of change, but insulation continues to go on and the cover on the drop-off spot is now on and looking good!






Feb 5th

After being gone for over two weeks, a look at our construction site showed a good bit of change!  These pictures show more siding and more brick.  I can hardly wait to get peaks at interior items!

 IMG 1135

IMG 1136

IMG 1137

IMG 1138

IMG 1139



Jan 6th


Today the cold and rain were making it difficult to get good pictures, but these give you an idea about the progress they are making and how it will begin to look in the near future.

This first picture shows the bricks moving along on the street side.


This second picture gives a good view of the side.


This final picture shows the completion of the side wall on the second building.



Jan 3rd


A drive by the site yielded some shots of the brick going on the side of the building and another end being closed up.



This shot gives a closer view of the end being walled in.



Jan 1st, 2017!


It was a cloudy day, so the sharpness of the pictures is not as good as I would prefer.  But we can still see some progress.  

Note in this first picture that we have a covered walkway under construction!


In this picture, the brick is now more clearly visible, even though the fence and scaffolding make it hard to see and appreciate!


In this final photograph the structure is filled with lots of "stuff."  Don't know what, but it is all over the place!



Dec 27th


The changes in the building are harder to detect in the "drive by" photos, but if you look for bricks being placed on the wall, they are there.  I hope to catch them part way up the side of the building in a couple of days (I will be out of town, so if YOU happen to get some good shots between now and New Years Day, send them to the webmaster!!).

There are quite a few stacks of things that look like pallets of bricks ready for placement.

IMG 0515

Look for the bricks on the bottom of the building, about the first 3 ft. of the side.

IMG 0516

IMG 0517


Dec. 9th


Just a quick look at the roof going on.  The pictures below are from just slightly different angles.  The roof is looking nice!




Dec 6th


The roof is going on.  These two pictures capture the beginning phase of that project.

12-6-16-A - small



Dec 1st


Progress continues.  The roof lines of the latest enclosure continues to fill in.

IMG 0444

IMG 0446

IMG 0448


 November 25th


Things have really changed since I was there last!  A whole new set of iron has gone up!




November 10th photos

 These photos are just "drive-by" shots.  The form of the building is taking shape!  The pipes are sticking out of the concrete in other areas, but I did not get a good picture of them.  The steel beams out to be going up on that section soon!  I hope you enjoy the might want to send me some YOU get!

IMG 0408

 IMG 0409

IMG 0410

IMG 0411



November 10th


   (from Administrative Council chairperson Steve Shelton)


The Open Space Planning Session discussion reports from October 22, 2016 can be found at []. The discussion reports document some very interesting conversation of participants regarding several group-identified subjects of interest or concern. You will find great ideas and potential action steps among the reports on those topics.


Our first Straw Poll results that 99 people recently participated in completing can be found at []. I found the survey results to be re-assuring for our interests and directions. The responses have provided food for thought for your leadership, and will help inform the preparation of follow-up surveys, discussion forums, and perhaps a town hall meeting in the future! Please take time to go to these two links to learn more! 



November 1st


Not beings a particularly good photographer, I offer these views of the construction (roadside pics) from different angles.  If you have not driven by to see it, hopefully this gives you a sense of the progress.






Oct 29


Where once mud was all there was to see,
Now concrete fills the space,
And now steel rises tall and free,
Soon to house many a face.

IMG 0322 

IMG 0323

IMG 0324


Oct 25


For some time now, daily changes will be detectable...steel is rising!

Oct 25


October 17


There has not been an update on activity, but the work continues to move along!  Steel should be going up soon!

 Oct 17


October 11


Tonight was a city council meeting, in which another offer was made for the land under dispute.  That matter may not be moving forward very fast, but preparations for more concrete to be poured IS moving quickly!  These pictures were taken today under cloudy/near-stormy skies, but I think they give the idea...readiness grows!

 10-11-16a  This picture shows lots of rebar. Concrete should be coming soon!

10-11-16b  This picture enlarges the section of foundation being prepared!

10-11-16c  Even more rebar.

10-11-16d  The older concrete waits for steel beams.


September 11



Just a quick update on where things stand with our construction activities and the discussion with City Council on the land-taking issue.

The last workshop held by the Council "opened the eyes" of the Council as to a need to study the issue carefully.  On September 12th, there will be another workshop in which the City will have had adequate time to do further study, and so the discussion should be interesting.  Then the Council will meet on the 13th and take some kind of action on the issue.

Here are some pictures of the activity at the construction site.  It is not yet beginning to be dramatic changes in the landscape, but the time will come soon when it will!

EntranceSign    DirtyJob



August 28

Photographs of the construction site are being take periodically.  Eventually, the plan is to have them put into a slide presentation from which we may enjoy watching the building "rise from the ground!"  For right now, the rains have slowed down some of the speed of construction, but pilings are being put into place.  Below are two photos of that phase.  An interesting point:  Each piling is four feet across and 17 feet deep, taking an entire concrete truck load!

2016-08-25 08.58.05


AUG 18


News from the Building Committee:   A committee will be formed of 5 members to work on coordinating colors, furniture & fixtures.  These members will determine how the church will “look and feel”, while working within a budget.  There is also an inventory being done on our current furniture & fixtures, to determine what we will take with us to the new church.


GROUND BREAKING:  July 17, 2016


The time came, and the church had a GREAT time!  Thanks to Kyle Norman for hearing about the Live Video on Facebook!  While there were over 100 people at the site of the new building, another 30-40 were able to watch the ceremony as it was shown in the sanctuary.
Here are just a few of the pictures captured at this fantastic afternoon event.

Breaking Ground      Crowd Shot

Our dignitaries shoveling that dirt!                                      A shot of SOME of the gathered crowd.

IMG 2779     Present and Future

   The scouts helped with directions!  Thanks guys!                          Those who have been here in the past, and those who will be 
                                                                                                      here in the future...some of the reason for the new building.




New Address for the Church!

The building plans continue, and we are lookings forward to the ground breaking!  In making plans for the future, we have an address for the new church building:  1601 League City Parkway West, League City, TX  77573.

Don't forget the ceremony begins at 6 PM on the 17th.


The Fantastic News of June 26th!


All of the items needed to get the machinery moving on our new campus have finally been completed!  Pastor Joel announced that the GROUNDBREAKING for the construction of our new buildings will be held on July 17th at 6 PM.  

One comment was made (some time after the announcement) that parking may be an issue, for there is already lots of things happening around that area of Calder Road.  Just how we are going to handle that issue (and WHERE the groundbreaking happens) will be decided soon, so watch Facebook and this blog page for more details on that.

And don't miss the little detail that an ice cream social afterwards!




 Update of June 12th

Pastor Joel announced that the League City Council has given (at least partial) approval of our plans to move toward groundbreaking!  A later conversation with Lynn Watkins provided the information that "a few" items (nothing major) need to be "cleaned up" for the highly specific requirements prior to complete approval.  But Pasor Joel now has the final stages of financial approval underway.  Our selected construction company is "more than ready" to get underway, so machinery will be moving soon after a call is made by the building committee.  Stay tuned for more to come soon!


Update of May 22nd

The congregation was invited to an informational meeting to talk about the sale of a small piece of the land we own near the church building site.  This land portion is adjacent to the land previously purchased by a party, and the addition of this 30-foot wide strip of land will help that party out with its building/parking needs.  (The called Charge Conference subsequently approved the sale; thus, we anticipate another ca. $60K to be added to our capital building fund.)

Additionally, Pastor Joel explained where we are in the process of moving toward groundbreaking.  Although it has been much slower than was anticipated, progress continues to be made.  The main delay in movement right now is with the League City Council’s approval of our building plans.  There are very small details on the building plans which they desire to have changed prior to approval of the plans.  Once approval is obtained (expected at the early June meeting of City Council), then funding through the Texas Methodist Foundation can be finalized and groundbreaking planned.

We eagerly look forward to this.  The next update is not expected until after Annual Conference is finished and the City Council meeting has been held.




Update of May 4, 2016

The building committee has approved a contract with the construction company and will send it to our financing agent (The Methodist Foundation) for their review and approval.  
They also have been working on supplying the city of League City with additionally requested information so that the required permits may be approved soon...hopefully!
There is a final budget which has now been approved...another important step in moving forward.
The building committee also entertained a party interested in our (current) property as a purchase, lease, etc.  More definitive information will be available in a few weeks as their organization gathers more information and plans further steps.


March 28, 2016 (note from Pastor Joel)



 Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,

One of the main things we have all been talking abut for the past three years is when we will begin construction of our new facilities.  A few things to let you know about:

  • First, it will happen!  Actually, I hoped to have begun construction a couple of months ago.  There are some things that move a bit slower than we would like, and I know waiting can be frustrating.  Honestly, it feels a lot like the times I waited for the starting pistol before a race - pent up energy and nerves just waiting to be released for a flurry of activity.  Once we start, things will move very quickly.
  • Right now, we are waiting for approval for our plans by the city of League City.  Once that is complete, we will be able to proceed with closing our construction loan with the Texas Methodist Foundation and begin building will start soon after that.
  • We have put our current building back on the market.  This is a part of the overall financing plan, and we have had some interest from outside parties. 
  • The Building Committee has been meeting and assigning responsibilities to various members.  Soon (hopefully VERY soon), you will see the fruit of their work. 



March 9, 2016

 The approval by the Church Conference to move forward with the construction of our new campus on Calder Road has brought some excitement in the future of this congregation’s ministry.  There are a lot of decisions to be made, and the process of getting that done is underway!

The Building Committee is being led by Lynn Watkins, with Bob Johnson, Brian Worrell, Lisa Howard, Will Stauffer and David Bowers assisting in the plans and implementation. 

We hope to be back with you soon!